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childe roland to the dark tower came
the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed
4th-Dec-2011 09:37 pm - [sticky post]
▲ all posts must pertain to the book series by stephen king or the upcoming series/film.

▲ discussion posts, news, and fanworks such as fanfiction, fanart, etc. are all allowed. please use this header or a similar one when posting fic:

▲ fake cuts are allowed but linking to locked entries will not be tolerated.

▲ all nsfw content must stay behind a cut with a warning. similarly, warn for triggers.

▲ tag all posts with the available tags: they're there to make YOUR LIFE easier. use 'em. if you don't see an appropriate tag, leave a note in your post or contact a mod. we'll be happy to help you.

▲ promotions and other OT content must be cleared with a moderator before posting.

▲ most importantly. be nice. flaming and character-bashing will not be tolerated, just as hateful language towards other members and in general will not be tolerated.

▲ direct all questions and concerns towards me, sister_wife, your mod.
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